The History of Luxis International, Inc.

In 1972, Harvey and Ulla Rothschild started Featherspring International Corporation from their home in Seattle, Washington. Harvey discovered the Featherspring Foot Support in Germany and was amazed it was not sold in the United States. He knew from first hand experience that the Featherspring would be the answer to many, many people’s foot pain problems.

With a lot of hard work and a little bit of luck, Harvey and Ulla grew Featherspring from a company literally run from the kitchen table to become an international business which has helped hundreds of thousands of people end their foot pain.

In 1983, Peter Rothschild responded to his father’s call to come to Featherspring International Corporation. For the next five years he studied the “Featherspring Way” of business–simple, direct and honest with customer satisfaction being the one and only goal. Peter continued the “Featherspring Way” of putting the customer first, knowing that people who came to Featherspring for help deserve 100% satisfaction.

Luxis International, Inc.

The “Featherspring Way” continues today in DeKalb, Illinois. While the name has changed, nothing changes the devotion to ensuring that people who come to Luxis International for help get the same service they got when Harvey and Ulla sat in their kitchen helping their first customers over 40 years ago.

Customer Service

We want you to be confident that you made the right choice to do business with us. Our Customer Service Representatives are knowledgeable, caring and friendly. We’re ready to assist with any questions or concerns you may have.

We earn our customers trust and deliver quality products. At Luxis International, that is the only way we do business.