Foot Issues

Common Causes of Foot Pain

Once this natural positioning is changed by advancing age, improper shoes, lack of muscle-toning exercise, or by the shock of hard-surface impact (long hours of walking or standing), the bones are subject to misalignment and the result is foot is really no mystery to foot pain. The majority of foot problems are of a mechanical nature. The tendons, muscles and ligaments that hold the foot’s 26 bones stretch and improperly alter the foot’s position.

Feathersprings realign your foot. Normal function returns, thereby eliminating the problems that cause your pain.

People often buy new shoes which they hope will bring the comfort and relief they are looking for. The fact is shoes will not solve the problem — for the most part, they are the cause of the problem.

Flexible Featherspring Foot Supports provide the support needed to return the foot to a healthier and more comfortable condition. This eliminates the following problems that cause your pain.

  • Corns and calluses: they are probably the most common signs of developing foot problems, and certainly they’re among the most painful. Basically, they are caused by friction and pressure against the sole and sides of the shoe. Rubbing and pressure creates soft corns between toes, and hard corns on top surfaces. Custom-formed Feathersprings allow your foot’s skin to regain its elasticity.
  • Burning sensation: on the balls of the feet often can be attributed to calluses that thicken and rob the skin of its elasticity. By helping end the calluses, Feathersprings allow your foot’s skin to regain its elasticity.
  • Bunion: the most common bunion is found at the head of the first metatarsal bone. This adds abnormal width across the ball of the foot, making it difficult to find shoes that are narrow enough at the heel and wide enough at the ball of the foot, to provide a comfortable fit. Feathersprings prevent this occurrence and as a result, offer greater opportunity to wear a variety of shoes.
  • Dropped metatarsals:
    Five long, slender bones (metatarsals) form an arch across the width of the foot. The first metatarsal is supposed to take the bulk of the body weight, with the remainder of the weight distributed evenly across the foot as it moves. However, when the foot is compressed inside a shoe, one of the metatarsal bones may drop below another. More weight then falls on the dropped bone, causing abnormal friction and poor balance. The ligaments holding these bones together become stretched, allowing still other bones to drop.

This breakdown can adversely affect nerves and blood circulation to the feet. Calluses develop under the dropped bones, and walking becomes difficult and painful.

Feathersprings’ unique support system gives your feet the support they need to evenly distribute weight all across the foot and ends your foot pain.

And that’s why you need Featherspring Foot Supports.

Build a Solid Foundation for Pain Free Feet

Because the major cause of most foot pain is faulty weight distribution, the obvious solution to end the pain is proper weight distribution. And that’s just what Flexible Featherspring Foot Supports provide.

A solid foundation

Proper footing is essential to any structure. A faulty foundation will cause a building to strain, sag, tilt and even collapse. The “foundation” of the human body is the foot, and defects in that foundation manifest themselves in dozens of ways and locations. Foot failure not only shows up in the feet themselves, but frequently causes leg, joint and back problems. Invariably these problems are typified by ever-increasing pains and can only get worse when you do nothing about it.

Why Feathersprings?

Feathersprings are hand-formed for your foot alone, to fit your own foot’s shape, size, structure, balance and problems. They provide a unique three-point suspension system which provides continuous, balanced, moving support for all areas of your feet.

How Feathersprings work!

With this three-point suspension system, your foot floats free and independent of the different slopes and curves of varying shoe shanks. Therefore, both the longitudinal and metatarsal arches of your feet receive the same precise support and cushion they need, constantly and naturally, regardless of the shoes you wear.

Unlike built-in, fixed position metatarsal bumps or rigid stationary supports, the Featherspring metatarsal support rides independently of the shoe and moves with the foot as it flexes, and thus remains accurately in position with the foot at all times.

A very important difference!

By holding the metatarsal bones in a natural position and cushioning them from excess pressure, friction is eliminated and excessive spreading across the ball is prevented. This slightly shortens and narrows the foot, reducing pressure against the sides of the shoe. . . and greatly helps to relieve the discomfort and pain you feel.

Feathersprings are the answer

Most foot-related problems are due to modern day environment and life-style; ill fitting shoes, lack of free foot natural exercise, constantly walking or standing on hard surfaces. The answer is, of course, scientifically designed Featherspring Foot Supports.

Each foot has 26 bones held in position by tendons, muscles and ligaments. Defects in foot structure contribute to problems and pain in the entire body. The only real solution is foot supports that are crafted to specifically fit the sole of each foot—this will correct each foots’ individual problems, give total foot support and provide the natural flex and spring your feet need to be pain-free.

Featherspring is a Revolutionary Design in Foot Support

Feathersprings are individually formed foot supports made from high quality, lightweight Swedish stainless spring steel. They are designed in Europe by medical technicians and formed one at a time by West German orthopedic specialists. Custom-made Feathersprings offer foot sufferers pain relief not possible any other way.

Feathersprings are unique—and revolutionary—in several ways. First, Feathersprings are truly hand-formed to fit your feet (and your feet alone,) from the footprints you made and send us. (How to make footprint impressions shown on back panel.) These imprints tell our orthopedic technicians exactly how your Feathersprings should be shaped to relieve any problems or misalignments your feet may have.

Because no two people’s feet or foot problems are exactly alike, it is imperative that foot supports be scientifically crafted to conform to each foot and its own variables.

Secondly, Feathersprings also cushion against the pain and damage caused by walking or standing on hard surfaces. This is accomplished by the use of spring steel and a patented three-point suspension design. Thus, Feathersprings not only assure total foot support and relief from existing pain; they also prevent new problems from beginning.

Feathersprings’ unique suspension allows your feet to move naturally. With this three-point suspension system, your foot floats free and independent of the different slopes and curves of varying shoe shapes. Unlike rigid supports, Feathersprings give complete foot support and provide continuous balance for all areas of your feet, all day long.

One set is all you’ll ever need, as Feathersprings slip easily from one pair of shoes to another. They can be used in any type of footwear, from open-toe shoes and sandals to work shoes or hunting boots. Even your favorite sneakers will feel more comfortable than ever before.

Featherspring Foot Supports are Custom Formed to End Your Foot Pain

Your footprints are as individual as your fingerprints. . . and so are your feet. No one else has feet exactly like yours, and neither one of your feet is exactly like the other. Not only do feet come in different shapes and sizes, but as life progresses, they develop different problems. Corns, bunions, calluses are early warning signs that your feet need help.

No store-bought foot aid can possibly provide the blessed pain relief you’ll get from custom-made Feathersprings.

That’s also why you can’t just walk into a store and pick up a pair of Featherspring Foot Supports. Featherspring Foot supports are sold only by mail. They are not available in any store. They’re custom crafted, one at a time, for you alone. They’re as individualized as a pair of eyeglasses or dentures.

Just as a dentist of eye doctor will check your teeth or eyes to determine what problems need correcting, our orthopedic technicians study your footprint impressions.

That’s why we’ve enclosed a sheet of specially sensitized imprint paper, along with directions. When you send us the imprints of your feet, our highly trained orthopedic technicians will “read” and determine where your foot pains are originating, why the problem is occurring, and how to design your personal, individualized Feathersprings to eliminate those problems and relieve your foot pain.

But that’s not all. Our concern for your foot comfort doesn’t end when we deliver your custom-formed Feathersprings.

Fits Any Shoe For Lasting Comfort

Featherspring Foot Supports can be used in any shoe: your feet will feel instantly better in dress shoes, casual shoes, athletic shoes, heels, sandals, work shoes and boots. No matter how many pairs of shoes you own, just one pair of Flexible Featherspring Foot Supports is all you’ll ever need to end your pain.

When you slip your new Feathersprings into your shoes, your first sensation will be like a tremendous weight being lifted from your feet. Your feet, legs and lower back will feel more relaxed. Standing or walking on hard floors or concrete pavement will not be nearly as tiring or as painful. Your walk will become lighter, more lively, more enjoyable.

If you’ve suffered from corns, bunions or other foot problems over the years, it might require a few days for your feet to re-adjust to normal, natural, comfortable walking motion. Feathersprings are light in weight and almost invisible when worn in your shoes. You’ll forget you’re wearing anything at all.

You’ve already taken the first step toward more comfortable feet by requesting this information. That was a smart move…but it won’t help you end your foot pain until you take the second step: Order your Flexible Featherspring Foot Supports today!


“They Have Made Such a Difference.”


I spent many dollars with X-rays, Doctors, etc. (no cure). I started wearing my Feathersprings, and in ten days my headaches left me as if by magic. I also had leg and foot pains day and night for many years. All those pains are gone. I am living a new life. I say thanks a million to my Feathersprings.”  

  1. S., Washington, D.C.


“The first thing I noticed was that the pain of my calluses left. . . and my ankles and back feel so much better now.”

  1. A. H., Kentucky.


“My regular doctor told me to get the best arch supports I could buy. I saw your ad in the paper. I just wish that all people that have foot trouble would come to you. I think your product is the very best, and I couldn’t be happier. I can now walk 18 holes of golf, and I haven’t been able to do that for three years.”

  1. F. D., Washington


“I was reluctant to order Feathersprings, since only my right foot hurt, and my other foot was fine. I was truly concerned that I would start some problem with the other foot. And I wasn’t sure if the sore foot would even be better off with something like Feathersprings. Boy was I wrong, both of my feet feel great, I have absolutely no pain in either foot. . . Thank you.”

C.F., Illinois.


“Your Featherspring Foot Supports are wonderful. . . Since I walk or am on my feet all day as a nurse, my feet were painful, callused and generally in poor shape. Now your foot supports have made walking and standing a pleasure.”

D.H., New Jersey.


“I’m not much in writing letters but I can say that the supports my husband has with the name of Feathersprings are a great deal of help to him. He had complained of sore feet for years and tried all kinds of supports, but these have given him the relief he was looking for. Thanks.”

R.H., Florida.


“They have made such a difference. There is ‘spring’ in my step again, and the circulation in my legs is so much better. The pain has lessened a great deal. Thank you so much for making it possible to purchase them this way.”

D.L.B., Missouri.


“For the first time in 30 years, I have found relief from a burning feeling in the ball of my feet. Thanks to Feathersprings, I don’t awaken in the morning with that burning feeling. Please feel free to use this note.”

J.J., Pennsylvania.


“I received your refund check, and would like to thank you for the way your company has handled the entire transaction regarding my Featherspring Foot Supports. I know you did your best to help me with the many adjustments during the past year. Naturally I was very pleased to receive the refund and that feature really made me a believer that you are very sincere about helping people with their foot ailments.”

W.K., New Jersey


“You have certainly done everything you said you would regarding these supports, and both my husband and I are very favorably impressed with your company — its integrity and high-quality product.”

D.P., Texas


These and thousands of other unsolicited testimonials are on record in our offices in Seattle, Washington. Copies
of the testimonials are available on request to any official agency.


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