Happily-Hearing-Everything Mini-D35P, Reg 599, #13, P-4

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New Mini-D35P

  • Powerful
  • Push-button settings
  • 301 hours of battery life
  • Discreet, compact design

Are you interested in a hearing product that is discreet, easy to handle, has lots of power and long battery life? If so, keep reading. The new Mini-D35P is for you.

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NEW Mini-D35P fits behind your ear. You get lots of power in a tiny package!

Reasons to choose the Happily-Hearing-Everything Mini-D35P

The Happily-Hearing-Everything Mini-D35P is small, powerful and easy to use. You’ll love the compact size of the Happily-Hearing-Everything Mini-D35P. It’s only a bit longer than one inch. The Mini-D35P tucks behind your ear and the tapered design is both comfortable and discreet. Friends and family probably won’t notice it unless you point it out. But they WILL notice how much more you are hearing and understanding.

The Mini-D35P has a clear earhook that slips over your ear. Setup is easy: Simply attach a soft tubing and eartip to the earhook. The tubing is made of a clear, flexible material. The eartips are also soft and fit easily into your ear. Eartips come in six sizes so you’re sure to find a size that fits you. We’ll send you the most popular size and you can request other sizes if needed.

Lots of power in a compact package

The Happily-Hearing-Everything Mini-D35P has lots of power. It’s perfect for a wide range of hearing needs. We’ve given it a Power Level rating of 4 on a Power Level scale of 1-9. (The Mini-D35P has a peak gain of 38dB.) Turn up the volume control for maximum power or keep it at a lower setting when you want things a little quieter.

What are Power Levels?

Hearing products come in lots of sizes, shapes and power levels to meet a variety of needs. The strength of a hearing product is a decibel rating of how much amplification it provides. The decibel gain for most products often falls between 15dB – 70dB. To help simplify things, we’ve assigned a Power Level from 1-9 for all products. This should make it easier to compare products and find what’s best for you.

The Mini-D35P has easy to use controls

The Happily-Hearing-Everything Mini-D35P is super simple so there’s not a lot to tell but the details are important. You choose your preferred settings: A push-button control lets you pick between normal listening and noise setting. A musical chime alerts you to the setting. Plus, you get a volume control wheel so you can pick the loudness setting that’s comfortable for you. The volume settings range from 1-4 and everything in between!

301 hours of battery life!

You’ll thank the engineers for their thoughtful design of the Happily-Hearing-Everything Mini-D35P. They’ve found a way to fit a larger size 13 hearing aid battery into the Mini-D35P. That means the battery is easier to handle, it lasts longer and you spend more time using your Mini-D35P rather than fussing with batteries or waiting for a battery to recharge. The Happily-Hearing-Everything Mini-D35P uses a standard zinc-air hearing aid battery. You can find the batteries in lots of stores but we’re sure you’ll appreciate the quality and pricing of our premium hearing aid batteries. (Click here to see battery brand options.)

Complete details of the warranty can be seen prior to sale. Click on the Product Data tab for complete details.

Other Details

  • Power Level 4 (38dB Peak Gain)
  • Size: 1.18 x .43 x .25 inch
  • Battery type: hearing aid battery size 13 (orange tab)
  • Battery life: approx. 301 hours
  • Mini-D35P includes: Push-button Setting Normal listening and Noise setting
  • Circuitry: Digital
  • Happily-Hearing-Everything Mini-D35P sits behind your ear and includes thin, flexible tubing connected to an eartip
  • Color: beige


How long does the warranty last?

The length of the warranty is one year unless otherwise stated at the time of purchase.

Some hearing aids/amplifiers are sold as part of a special offer that includes a shorter or longer warranty length. The shorter or longer warranty is stated in the description of the product and often appears with the name of the product. If you are unsure of the length of the warranty, you can call and confirm it with customer service at Luxis International, Inc.

What does the warranty include?

Your Mini-D35P is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for the length of the warranty. Please note: hearing aids/amplifiers that stop working due to dirt, moisture or earwax do not represent a defect in materials or workmanship and are, therefore, not covered under the warranty.

For service, replacement or repair: return your hearing aid to Luxis International, Inc for this warranty to apply. Please ship products in a sturdy box and with insured mail for your protection.

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