Featherspring Comfort Covering

$ 35.95

Featherspring Comfort Covering

  • Soft-suede covering for your Feathersprings
  • Extra cushion, extra comfort for your Feathersprings
  • You apply yourself and enjoy extra savings
  • 1 order gives you 2 sheets to cover 1 pair of Feathersprings



Featherspring Comfort Covering

Add a soft-suede covering to your Feathersprings with our Comfort Covering. The Comfort Covering adds a slight cushion to your Feathersprings and helps keep your foot from sliding. It is approximately 2mm thick which means the Featherspring® Foot Supports will still easily fit in your shoes.

The Comfort Covering is our Best Value option for coverings. You apply it yourself and enjoy extra savings. It’s easy to apply the Comfort Covering to your Feathersprings. We’ll send the Comfort Covering along with complete instructions. One order includes two sheets of the Comfort Coverings and is enough for 1 pair of Featherspring® Foot Supports.

Interested in a thinner covering option? Consider ordering your Featherspring® Foot Supports with our Luxury Covering.

Need extra padding under your feet? Consider ordering your Featherspring® Foot Supports with our Padded Covering.

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