Barlow® Knee Support End Knee Pain!

$ 44.99

The “Power” Knee Support

  • Lightweight non-metal construction
  • Patented material insulates, warms and soothes knee joint
  • Custom form fitting pad gives maximum mobility and comfort
  • Non-allergenic and washable
  • NEW – Now available in black


Barlow® ends knee pain! Warms, supports and soothes knees.

Are your knee problems due to arthritis, an accident, torn cartilage, a bad fall, or the ravages of age? Whatever the reason, we have the solution … the Barlow® Knee Support. Simply put: Barlow® ends knee pain. You can trust, it’s the one knee support that gives you real support. The one knee support that really works! 

Choose Barlow® for maximum support.

The Barlow® Power Knee Support is lightweight, unbelievably comfortable and provides your knee with maximum support. You’ll find padding in the front to comfort of the Barlow® Knee Support and extra support on the sides. So there is less shock to your knee, more support and a greater range of motion. In addition, The Barlow Power Knee Support is all soft – there is no metal, just comfort and warmth for your knee. The remarkable material insulates, warms and soothes your knees. You’ll bend and move pain free!

Perfect for adults of all ages.

The Barlow® Power Knee Support will fit just about everyone from young adults to adults of all ages. There are 7 sizes so one of them will be right for you. See the sizing chart below for your correct size.

Money-back Guarantee.

Try the Barlow® Power Knee Support for 30 days. If you’re not completely satisfied, just return it for a full refund of your purchase price minus shipping and handling.

Did you know?

Did you know that the cause of knee pain can actually start in your feet? Our feet have 26 bones and 28 muscles, with numerous tendons and ligaments all working together to support our bodies. If our feet don’t have proper support then the bones in our bodies can get out of alignment. When that happens you notice aches and pains in the ankles, leg, hips, back and even our knees. Considering adding Featherspring® Foot Supports to your shoes. Your knees will thank you! Click here for more information on Featherspring® Foot Supports.

FOR CORRECT SIZE: While standing, measure around your leg about one inch above the knee cap.

  • Small = 13-14.25 inches around your leg
  • Medium = 14.5-16.5 inches around your leg
  • Large = 16.75-18.5 inches around your leg
  • XLarge = 18.75-20.5 inches around your leg
  • 2XL = 20.75-23.5 inches around your leg
  • 3XL = 23.75-25.5 inches around your leg
  • 4XL = 25.75-28.5 inches around your leg

Other Details

FOR CORRECT SIZE: While standing, measure around your leg about one inch above the knee cap.

  • Small = 13-14.25 inches around your leg
  • Medium = 14.5-16.5 inches around your leg
  • Large = 16.75-18.5 inches around your leg
  • XLarge = 18.75-20.5 inches around your leg
  • 2XL = 20.75-23.5 inches around your leg
  • 3XL = 23.75-25.5 inches around your leg
  • 4XL = 25.75-28.5 inches around your leg

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