Jodi-Vac Hearing Aid Cleaner

$ 139.00

Jodi-Vac Hearing Aid Cleaner

  • Professional hearing aid cleaning at home
  • Saves you money and keeps your hearing aid in tip-top condition
  • Compact and easy to travel with

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Jodi-Vac Hearing Aid Cleaner saves hearing aids! Almost all hearing aid and amplifier repairs are due to earwax and dirt. It’s easy to understand considering how hearing aids are worn.

Dirt and earwax work their way inside your hearing aid  and the problems begin. Sometimes your hearing aid might have static or cut in and out. And even worse, sometimes your hearing aid will just stop working!

Hearing aids are so important and it’s frustrating with they don’t work correctly. Now there’s an easy solution…it’s called Jodi-Vac Hearing Aid Cleaner.

The Jodi-Vac is a professional hearing aid cleaner that’s made for the consumer. It has a fine metal tube tip that suctions out dirt and wax from your hearing aid. With the Jodi-Vac in hand, you can vacuum out unwanted dirt, wax, oils and moisture. It’s easy and it only takes a couple of minutes each day. A bit of regular cleaning will save you expensive repair fees later!

Hint: Another great way to protect your hearing aid is with a DryAid Kit. Click here to see a customer favorite.

Warning: Never use this product on or in your ears. Do not use to clean ears.

Other Details

The Jodi-Vac is small but powerful. The main unit measures 3″ x 4.25″ x 2″ with flexible tubing attached to it.

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