Long 2-Sided Foot File, Available in 3 colors

$ 8.25

Tired of bending and stretching just to care for your feet? Try our Long 2-Sided Foot File.

  • Longer so you can easily reach your feet
  • 2 filing surfaces: 100 (coarse) and 180 (medium) grit
  • Gently smooth rough, dry feet
  • Choose your favorite color when ordering


At-home spa treatment for your feet! Now you can easily smooth rough, dry and hardened skin on your feet with our easy to use Long 2-Sided Foot File. It’s wider and longer than other foot files. Plus with one file you get two filing surfaces; one side fine and the other side coarse. The fine surface is 180 grit and the coarse surface is 100 grit. Available in three colors: clear, purple and white. Select color when ordering.

Regular use of our Long 2-Sided Foot File combined with our Luxis® Rejuvenating Foot Cream will help keep your feet soft, healthy and well-groomed.

Hand wash Long 2-Sided Foot File in warm, soapy water. Rinse thoroughly and aid dry before putting away.

Warning: Do not use if you have diabetes, neuropathy or any circulation disorder. Do not use on foot warts.

Important Healthy-Happy-Feet Information 

Dry, rough skin on the feet is common. But, if ignored, dry skin can thicken and crack open, leaving the feet vulnerable to infection. There are many causes of dry feet including a lack of moisture, irritation, heat and humidity, soaps with harsh chemicals, some medical conditions, obesity and aging. Our feet have fewer oil glands than other areas of the body so they need some extra care.


Don’t use soaps with harsh chemicals. Instead choose mild, moisturizing soaps like our natural soaps. Click here to see some of our favorite natural soaps.

Do moisturize your feet often. Try Luxis® Rejuvenating Foot Cream. Click here to learn more about Luxis® Rejuvenating Foot Cream.

Do wear shoes that fit well (not too tight – not too loose) and preferably with custom inserts like our Featherspring® Foot Supports to even out weight distribution. Click here to learn more about Featherspring® Foot Supports and to request your FREE BROCHURE.

Other Details

Long 2-Sided Foot File is made of plastic and sanding paper.

  • You get both a medium and coarse grit (180 grit and 100 grit)
  • Available in 3 colors: clear, purple and white
  • Length: 10 inches long
  • Width: 2.25 inches wide
  • Washable with warm, soapy water

Warning: Do not use if you have diabetes, neuropathy or any circulation disorder. Do not use on foot warts.


  1. Soak feet for 20 minutes
  2.  Pat feet dry
  3. Gently rub Long 2-Sided Foot File back and forth across dry areas on feet
  4. Rinse feet again and pat dry.
  5. Apply a moisturizing cream.

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